"Fantasy and reality often overlap"– Walt Disney

We did it! 

Despite having to wake up at 2:30 to make our bus and eat breakfast before our start time, somehow we pulled off the best run of our lives. Disney, as expected, knows how to organize a memorable event. There were at least five DJs on the road to keep us going. My favorite part by far, though, was seeing my fellow runners with their elaborate and hilarious costumes cheering each other on. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees and sunny. We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to knock out our first half!

Here are our finish line pics and my favorite sign!!!! 

With all that’s going on, I was stoked to see this sign. 

We couldn’t have made it without the incredible tips and tricks from the online RunDisney community. We also couldn’t have done our training without the support and understanding of our friends and family! A huge shoutout to my mom and dad for coming to Florida and chEARing us on!!! 
Onto the next goal 😀 

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Tutu trial! 

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Costume time! 

So it’s the princess half marathon… But true to my defiant nature I didn’t want to be a princess. Instead I decided that we needed an encouraging, relevant character to be the theme of our costumes. 



(Hubs will be Dory, no pic yet) 

Nemo and Dory are all about family and helping others. It’s ridiculous that the world needs reminding about this all the time. But here we are needing a reminder. Plus, Ellen is just about my favorite celebrity for always reminding us to be kind to one another. I’m so pumped to be Nemo and Dory for the race! 

However, things didn’t go as planned. I decided to try out my costume and the Nemo shirt was just not made for a run! So instead I made an orange tulle hair tie and found an alternative orange shirt…Just goes to show that a dress rehearsal is always necessary. 

I have to try on the tutu. But I haven’t garnered the courage to run around in public with that yet! I’m thinking of sprucing up my shirt with a Nemo quote or maybe putting on white stripes… Or I might leave as is. Let me know if you have thoughts 🙂 

12 days until we fly to Florida!  Eeeeeee

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To chew or not to chew? 

As I mentioned previously, having a bit of an energy boost seems to be essential for any run longer than five miles. We decided to try out a few different options. I was initially worried about how much chewing I would want to do while I run. I do think there’s a risk to chewing while catching your breath and being active. Seems like I would bite my cheek off. But the gels seem so nasty… and the thought of more liquidy stuff sloshing around during a run seems not fun either. 

Here are my reviews! 

1) GU energy chews watermelon flavor and Honey Stingers: First off the watermelon flavor is delicious. And the texture is so soft! However these chews have no caffeine… And I think I need that kick (I thought I wouldn’t need it… but I was slogging today at mile 6. Let’s be real, that 3am shuttle to the race on the big day is definitely going to be a struggle). 

2) GU energy blocks: These are so yummy! They definitely stick to your teeth but they can be easily washed down with a gulp of water. They also have caffeine and a good hefty dose of calories. We had these during our ten miler and I think we will bring these to the half! 

3) All gels: Nasty, salt taste with not enough substance. Honestly, I felt nauseous after eating some. No gel for me. 

And thus the consensus is I didn’t bite my cheek off and I absolutely loved the GU energy blocks. We promptly went to a sport store and bought multiple flavors! I wish I had thought about these to help me through residency… 

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10 miles! 

We did it! 10 miles and 30 days to go. I had a bloody toe at the end but that’s just a minor inconvenience! We felt awesome at the end!!!

And that time! I think we can actually squeeze in a photo or two and still evade the balloon ladies 😀


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Energy boost 

We are getting to that point in our training where we have to think about the logistics of the day of… 

Like how do I plan out what I drink so I don’t need to pee during the course? 

What foods should we pack so that we stay well nourished at Disney while also staying prepped for a race? 

What do I do if I feel nauseous? 

And how do I handle hANGER?! 

Introducing disgusting little bites of energy that apparently runners ingest during long races… Like GU and energy blocks and chews and bleh. 

Well it sounds disgusting but honestly I’ve never tried them. Some of them look like harmless gummies and barely enough energy for a hungry gal like me.  But here goes… 

We bought an assortment to try. I’m not sure I will need the ones with caffeine, especially given the side effects of caffeine if you know what I mean… But stay tuned for our reviews and which one we like best! 

Next goal: 10 miles by January 28th 

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Flu like an Eagle

I’m pretty bummed… I’ve been afflicted with some kind of flulike illness, probably gifted to me by the children in the hospital who are all virus ridden.  Other than being in bed, I’ve been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother to pass the time.  I’ve got cabin fever and I really want to run.  Time is ticking and we are getting close to the February half marathon date!  My longest run so far has been 6.5 miles and I’m getting worried.  I’ll do my best to get four miles in today or tomorrow to at least kickstart my training again.  


Purell your hands kids! 

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Run like you’re dancing in the rain 

I’d been thinking about how long 13.1 miles will take me. And I realize that 2.5 hours is really not bad. What else can I do that’s active for 2.5 hours straight? Well, dance. Of course. 

So I put on my jams and hit the dust. Well… Actually the mud. Today I aimed at 6 miles and I got 6.5 … In the rain. If you layer properly and the weather isn’t too far below 40F its’s actually rather pleasant. It reminded me of the time I danced in a monsoon on a rooftop in India. It’s all just a long dance party with one really funny looking dance move. 

Not going to lie..  the last mile was a little rough. But that’s what training is for! 

Next goal: 8 miles. 50 days to go. 

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Happy New Year! 

2017 is right around the corner.  Here are 3 goals and 3 things I am looking forward to! 

3 goals for 2017: 

  1. Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon without being swept 
  2. Read 30 books for leisure (here we go!) 
  3. Visit at least one other country and one state I’ve never been to in America  

3 things I am looking forward to in 2017: 

  1. Reuniting with the hubby 
  2. Game of Thrones (last season!) 

So far the longest run I have done is 6 miles, and that was three weeks ago.  However, I have been running a lot in between- including 4 miles on the treadmill while watching Star Wars.  Sigh, we do really need to start picking up our game though!  First big running goal of 2017 is that on Tuesday 1/3 I will be going on my next long run and I should hit 8 miles!  Best of luck to meeeeee 🙂 

Also, I need to make Chris’ Dory costume! I`m going to be running as Nemo!  

Just keep swimming! Happy 2017 everyone! 

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Boston running 

Long run-we have reached the halfway point! GPS is a bit off, but we just killed 6miles at a 12min/mile pace. Here we gooooooo 

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